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Hiring A Barrister For An Appeal Defence

Any person that has been convicted of a crime or otherwise lost a case in court has the right to appeal the court's decision through a process that involves the court of appeal. Such appeals can be made against sentencing and/or conviction, dependent on any plea agreements that may have occurred in the original proceedings. At this stage in the legal process it is vital to hire a highly experienced barrister for appeal defence cases, to ensure the best possible outcome.

What Will A Barrister Do?

A barrister for appeal defence cases will essentially be your advocate in court and present your case in detail to the judges presiding. At this stage of the case it may involve new evidence that had not been previously presented that could prove crucial to overturning a conviction.

Outside of the court room the barrister will consult with you and your solicitor to first of all advise on the best possible outcomes and approaches to the case. The sooner you get a barrister involved in an appeals case, the better the chances of a positive outcome including an overturn of conviction and decreased sentencing.

How Do You Find A Barrister?

The solicitor that you hired is the best person to reach out and find a barrister for appeal defence, which will involve locating someone with experience in the specific type of court and the type of case in question.

Your solicitor will also be able to handle the negotiation of fees if legal aid is not available. The process can take anything from a few days to weeks in order to find the right barrister for the job with the available capacity to take on the case.

It is also possible to contact barristers directly for initial queries and this can be done directly through the Bar Council.

How Do You Know Which Barrister To Hire?

Your decision on which barrister to hire should be based on a combination of advice from your solicitor and your personal rapport with the barrister. While the latter is important for you personally to better be able to work with the person, their experience, track record and dedication to the case are probably more important.

Best practice is to arrange a short meeting, even by phone, with a short list of barristers recommended by your solicitor. That way you can ensure that whichever one you choose will be qualified for your particular situation.

Criminal Defence Qc's - Things To Know

A criminal defence qc is in other words a senior barrister who practices criminal defence. If you are in need of good criminal defence QC's, here is what you should do.

Search Online.

You can easily get criminal defence QC's online. However, do not be too trusting of all profiles. Some people may be fakes trying to get your money. Ensure that they have a license to practice law, and confirm that the license is legitimate. This will prevent you from having further legal issues down the line.

Once you have searched online, you can arrange to meet and discuss your case in person. It is advisable not to give any fee before you have a written document stating that the individual is your barrister.

Find Out From Court Personnel.

Most people who work around the court will be familiar with barristers. You can ask them to guide you to one of the criminal defence QCs. Ensure that you ask several people so that you can weigh your options.

Get Recommendations.

You can ask your friends, colleagues or family members to help you out. Most of the time, you will find that one of them knows a person that could assist you. Once you get the recommendation, check that the barrister has a good reputation before hiring them. This could make a huge difference in your case.

Once you have gotten a list of QCs you can work with, you will need to know which one to choose. Here are some helpful pointers.

Choose Experienced QCs.

An experienced QC will be able to work all angles concerning your case. In addition to that, they will be able to predict the several verdicts that may be given in a case like yours, owing to the fact that they have dealt with similar cases. An experienced barrister will let you know what to do in every step of the case, in order to fully help you.

Time Allocated To Your Case.

It is important for the barrister to pay attention to all the details of your case. If they miss any details, the whole case could be compromised. If they have other cases to handle and are not able to handle yours adequately, they should inform you.

Ensure you have agreed on all the legal fees that you are to pay before finalising the hiring to avoid misunderstandings later on.

Retaining The Best Barrister For Murder And Manslaughter

If charged with homicide (unlawful killing of a human being), it would then be best for you to hire a legal attorney to represent you. One fact about manslaughter and murder charges is that these are very different. The difference comes in the circumstances that led to the homicide, intentionally or unintentionally. While the difference may be clear in some instances, it can be subtle in most cases. Either way, you still need to look for a barrister for murder and manslaughter to help defend you.

The barrister investigates the case to determine whether the homicide was intentional (voluntary manslaughter) or unintentional (involuntary manslaughter). While voluntary manslaughter is more serious and attracts hefty charges and longer imprisonment, accidental killing of a person due to accident or a misdemeanor can draw a fairer ruling. This however depends on how experienced the attorney in regards to criminal defense. It is for this reason you should only look for the best lawyer to represent you, especially when on the wrong side of the law.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Barrister for Murder and Manslaughter

1. Specialty Any homicide charge (whether accidental or intentional) can land you in jail, or even worse, have you sentenced to death. Nonetheless, hiring an attorney specializing in criminal defense (homicide) cases can help reduce the charges. Criminal defense barristers work hard to ensure their clients are properly represented, and also spend most of their times studying other cases to help perfect their job. Attorneys specializing in criminal defense are therefore better equipped for the task as compared to any other regular attorney (e.g. family attorney).

2. Reputation It is also advisable to look for a reputable attorney to represent you in court. Reputation matters a lot especially when it comes to legal representation. While some lawyers may have a clean record of accomplishment and reputation, there are those with a questionable reputation. A lawyer with no scandals in his/her life is considerably better than a desperate one. It doesn't matter how good the lawyer is, as long as his life is full of scandals, you wouldnt want him/her on your side, as everything could go sideways.

3. Availability As mentioned earlier, murder and manslaughter charges are far-reaching hence should be handled carefully. The attorney you wish to hire should know his/her way around crime scenes, and how to interpret them for the good of the case. This means the attorney will need to spend much of his/her time investigating the murder, as well as preparing for the case. Availability is vital for these cases, as it can make or break your case. Discussing this with your attorney, and researching about the attorney is therefore a wise idea.

4. Experience Experience is more of a virtue, especially with such delicate cases. An experienced attorney knows when to settle, or cut a deal for the best of his/her client. Most of these barristers do so to protect their clients, and will only do so when they see it necessary. It is for this reason you should hire someone who has been in the field for some time and understands the ins and outs of every case.

Although finding the right barrister for a homicide case may be intimidating, it is always best to stick to the basics to hiring a professional. You can have your friends help out, or look for one yourself.

Three Reasons To Hire United Kingdom Fraud Barristers

If you have been accused of crimes such as insider trading, tax evasion and money laundering, you know that the consequences can be dire. If found guilty, you may be sent to jail, fined heavily or both. This is why you have to seek the help of experienced fraud lawyers who can fight off the allegation and ensure that you get a fair outcome. Here are incredible reasons why you should hire reputable fraud lawyers in the UK.

1. They have a proven record of accomplishment

Experience is among the most important things to check while seeking the services of a barrister. Those who have handled similar cases and obtained favorable outcomes are able to help you get out of the problem. A serious, no-nonsense barrister who has been defending clients of diverse backgrounds for at least five years can be a great asset to your defense. You will never want to be represented in the court or in a jury sitting by someone who does not have a superior grasp of the law and who doesnt know of the techniques that can be employed to get the charges dropped. With a proven past record of accomplishment, fraud barristers are able to use their vast knowledge and past professional experience to your benefit.

2. They can be trusted

Law is a general area that is open to many interpretations. A good lawyer will find loopholes in the law and come up with a line of defensive arguments that can help exonerate you from the crimes that you have been accused of. By opting to work with an experienced lawyer, you will definitely have someone who you can trust. They have the dedication, skills and experience that are critical for a successful outcome of the case. A true professional who is aware of your rights and knows how to fight for them can be trusted to handle your case superbly.

3. They have a superior understanding of the law

The application of criminal law is not as straightforward as many people would be made to think. Because they have acted for many clients, who have been accused of different crimes, experienced and reputable lawyers will know what line of defense is available to you and will also be able to anticipate the possible outcomes. You will find that senior counsels, such as those with the title of Queens Counsel or QC have an immense understanding of the law and can provide you with the best defense possible, which may lead to favorable outcomes.

How Criminal Appeal Barristers Work

It is always wise to start the appeals process as soon as your criminal conviction is handed down. Criminal appeals barristers are perfectly place to help you through this entire process. But in order to benefit from it, you need to know what an appeal is and what it isn't.
What is an appeal?

As appeal is a chance for your criminal appeals barristers to try and get you a different sentencing. It is NOT a new trial. Most people may think that an appeal is their chance to go through the entire court case afresh. This is not true. An appeal is a chance for you to get your sentence reduced. Sometimes, the difference can be significant should you hire the right criminal appeals barristers.

It is also an opportunity to get the conviction reversed. Once you have been found guilty, an appeals lawyer can be of great help in trying to get that conviction overturned. An experienced appeals lawyer has the necessary expertise and insight to review all the facts of your court case and to find ways through which your conviction can be challenged. Although an appeal isn't in itself a new trial, in some cases the process can lead to a chance for the case to be retried depending on the findings.

Why you need criminal appeals barristers

The entire process of appealing a court sentencing is really quite formal. An appeals lawyer has to go through the proper channels and procedures in order to file the appeal. This appeal has to filed in such a manner as to convince the court to grant the appeal as opposed to dismiss it and let the previous sentencing stand. Finding the right appeals lawyer is key to having all this go in your favour.
If you want a chance for your sentencing to be reduced significantly, or maybe even overturned completely, you need to get the best possible appeals lawyer. A lawyer that understands the process and one that has a keen eye for detail. You also need one that is persuasive enough not only to get the courts to listen to your appeal, but also to convince the judges that the original sentencing needs revision.

It would be ill advised to try and go through the appeals process without the services of a highly specialized and experienced appeals barrister. Give us a call today and let us help get that court sentencing overturned or at the very least, reduced.

How To Get A Patent

The first thing that you need to know about how to get a patent is whether or not your idea is even patentable. A lot of interesting ideas are too similar to something that is already on the market to qualify for a patent, so you might not be able to get one. In general, you can apply for a patent for a new:

- Process

- Article of Manufacture

- Machine

- Composition of Matter

- Ornamental design (for an article of manufacture)

- Asexually reproduced plant

As long as your invention is non-obvious, new, and actually useful.

You cannot apply to patent an abstract idea, a law of nature, anything which is offensive to public morality, or a work of art, literature, music or drama. The latter four are covered by copyright law, rather than patent.

If you are confident that you can patent your work, then before you look at how to get a patent you should make sure that the work really is new. Check existing patents as well as trade papers, technical papers and academic writings. Look for other products on the market, and make sure that yours is clearly an improvement upon them or makes noteable changes that affect the design in a way that makes it unique in function or performance. Trivial differences are not enough to get a patent.

Document your design clearly, with drawings and diagrams as well as text to explain how you came up with the idea, how it is better or different to existing ideas, and each iteration of the idea. The more clearly you describe it the more likely the patent is to be approved.

To give yourself time to prepare a full patent application, consider applying for a Provisional Patent. The Provisional Patent Application process is shorter and less expensive, and gives you a year during which you can claim you have a patent pending, and your full patent will be backdated to that time, assuming it is granted. Once you have completed the PPA, it is important that you do not let it lapse, because if it lapses then you will lose the protection and the ability to have your patent considered as if it were put in for on that date.

DIY or Use an Attorney?

Applying for a patent can be a time-consuming process. Many people find that it makes more sense for them to pay a little more to get an attorney to do it for them. This becomes particularly worthwhile when you consider that there are more than half a million patent applications waiting to be processed if you get it wrong you could have a long wait to find out that you made a mistake and need to re-apply, and the fees can be high. Paying a little more up-front simply makes commercial sense, and will be the best thing for protecting your business. Only attorneys that have been approved by the USPTO and are on their register can file for patents for a third party.

What Characteristics Are Important In Criminal Appeals Barristers?

Filing a criminal appeal is a complex process that can be fraught with uncertainty. Many people worry that they will have as little luck during their appeal as they did during their initial trial. Just as with any other legal process, having the right representation can mean the difference between success and failure.

Knowing what characteristics are most important in criminal appeals barristers is key if you want to hire the right person to assist you. This is a very significant decision to make, so it is not one that should be made without doing enough research. The more you know, the easier it will be to find the right person for the job.

One important thing to look for in an attorney is their experience. You do not want to be represented during your appeal by a novice who is working on their first case, or even someone who has only worked on a handful of appeals. You need the most experienced appeals lawyer you can find.

Look for someone who knows the ins and outs of this process and is deeply familiar with all the procedures of an appellate court. The last thing that you want is to be represented by someone who is still learning the ropes. Filing a successful appeal is enough of a challenge without making things harder on yourself.

In addition, you need an attorney who is very diligent and detail-oriented. A successful appeal often means going through the trial records and looking for those one or two items that will provide the path to victory. You need an attorney who is able to put in the time needed to properly consider all of the evidence.

You might think that it would be simpler to just be represented by the same lawyer during your trial and your appeal. After all, they would be most familiar with your case. However, for most people, it is actually best to hire a separate trial attorney and appeal barrister.

One reason for doing so is that it can be very helpful to have someone new look at your case after the trial has concluded. Precisely because your trial lawyer is so familiar with your case, it can be more difficult for him to successfully file an appeal. Someone who is not as personally involved will be better able to find new avenues to pursue that may be more successful.

However, it is a good idea to make sure that your appeals lawyer is involved during the trial as well. He can help advise your lawyer on the best way to proceed to ensure a successful appeal. His involvement will also mean that he will be well-prepared to begin your appeal, without having to spend a lot of time learning about your case.

Finding qualified criminal appeals barristers can be a lengthy process, so be sure to start as soon as possible. By doing so, you can feel confident that you will be as well-represented as possible.

Selecting The Best Cybercrime Barrister

In the modern society, there are numerous crimes that are performed over the internet. Through the internet, malicious third parties have anonymous access to people all over the world. Most cybercrimes are very serious and in most cases might cross over to federal jurisdiction. That's when the federal agency becomes involved with the investigation and prosecution of an individual suspected of cybercrimes.

Although cybercrimes are white collar offenses, they should be taken very seriously and that's why you should hire a cybercrime barrister. Remember, that convictions from these crimes can amount to very serious penalties. Also, the allegations might have harmful impact on your family, career, your future endeavours. Therefore, it's important to hire a cybercrime barrister who has enough experience, education and skill to handle your case aggressively.

Most cybercrimes usually revolve around sex crimes, fraud, hacking, identify theft, hate crimes, stalking, paedophilia and also cyber bullying. Due to the anonymity awarded over the internet, people can perform any of these crimes from anywhere in the world. Therefore, if you have been charged with any of these crimes, you need to find an attorney who understands your case completely.

So what makes a good cybercrime attorney? If you're looking to hire an attorney to defend you for any cybercrime charges placed on you, there are a few important things you should know. First, with the advent of technology, cybercrime has become part of criminal categories that are recognized in court. Therefore, attorneys all over the world have had to adapt to the new technology and offer similar services to defendants charged with cybercrimes.

On that note, you should look for an individual who has handled previous cases related to cybercrimes. It might be a relatively new field of law but there are a few lawyers who have gone through the necessary education required to become competent at this field of law. Therefore, before hiring any attorney to defend you, inquire about how many cybercrime cases he/she has handled in the past.

Experience and knowledge in cybercrime cant be underestimated when looking for an attorney. There is a lot of jargon that might be thrown around in court, especially by the prosecution in order to find you guilty. However, if you have an attorney by your side who is knowledgeable of such jargon, you will be on the safe side. Even better, he/she can explain any new jargon allowing you to understand the case as it progresses.

Next, you need to inquire out of all the cases that the attorney has handled, how many he has actually won. Of course, he/she might have a good understanding of cybercrime cases but there might be no wins at all. If thats the case, you need an attorney who is competent enough to walk you through the whole case without any compromises. It's irrelevant whether you're guilty or not because your attorney should be ready to fight aggressively to get the best outcome out of your case. Therefore, choose a barrister who is ready to do everything possible during your case.

How To Get A Provisional Pending Patent

If you have been wondering how to get a US pending patent, but have held off filling out your application because you think the process must be too difficult, then you are in luck. The start of the process is actually quite simple. To begin, you must go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and get a provisional patent application. This form must be completely filled out and submitted to the office.

This provisional patent application differs from the regular one in a major way. It is much simpler to fill this application out than it is to fill out the regular patent application. In addition, the cost of filing for pending status is much less than the cost of filing for a patent. The fees currently start at $110, but rise to $220 when the size of the company is exceeds a certain amount. This discount helps individuals and small businesses protect their intellectual property.

The application for a provisional patent must include a variety of information in order to be considered complete. The applicant must write a description that is highly detailed about the invention. This detail must include how the invention is made and how the completed product can be used. In addition to the written portion of the application, a picture of the invention must be included as well. This can be a photo of the completed invention or a simple drawing of the idea.

In order to be able to lay claim to the date that the request for a provisional patent was applied for, a regular patent application must be filed within a year of filing this first application. This step is not necessary to get US pending patent status. However, if it is not completed, then the application will be considered to be abandoned and the status will be lost. Having patent pending status on an invention means that the application has been filed but no action has been taken on it by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This status remains in effect starting on the date that an application for patent is filed. The status officially ends in one of two ways. Either the patent is granted by the USPTO, or the application is abandoned, as described above.

There are no rights that are legally enforceable after filing this provisional application. Legal patent rights only come when the Office grants the patent to the applicant. However, it makes sense to file the application in a timely way. It obviously increases your chance of being granted the patent, and it is a tool that many business owners use to attract potential investors in their company.

In general, most patent applications remain in pending status from one to three years, although there are cases in the electronics and software industries where the patent pending status has lasted up to five years. The important take-away is that it is not difficult to get the process started and eventually earn a patent for your inventions.

Retaining The Best Criminal Appeals Barristers

When hiring a criminal appeals barristers, you need to start by researching the appellate process and researching different attorneys in your jurisdiction. Speak with at least a few criminal appeals barristers and assess them using some of the attributes outlined below. At the end of the whole process, you should be able to find the best appellate barrister who works within your budget and provides the best results.


If you need a criminal appeals attorney it means you have been convicted of something either by trial or by taking a plea. If you completely trust your trial lawyer, you can always ask for a recommendation. You can also ask for referrals from any lawyer friends you might have. You can also ask for referrals from other friends, relatives or colleagues who have been convicted of a crime and appealed their cases.

You can also search online for appellate attorneys in your area that might help you with your case. Don't rush into choosing the first name you find online. Rather, you should list down a few names and proceed researching each lawyer on your list. With all these sources you find a few names of appellate lawyers you can interview.

Evaluation Procedure

When interviewing a prospective appellate attorney you should ask all the important questions. For instance, how long has the lawyer been practicing? Is the whole practice devoted to criminal appeals or just a portion? If you have any access to a legal research service, you can search each prospective candidate to find out more information about him/her. You can assess the expertise of the appellate lawyer depending on the answers you receive.

Are you thinking about using your trial lawyer for the appeal case? There are many advantages and disadvantages of doing this. For instance, the trial lawyer is already familiar with the case which can make him/her passionate about it throughout the whole case. Even better, he/she might handle the case for a cheaper fee. Well, there is always the disadvantage that the trial attorney is too familiar forcing him/her not to be objective throughout the case.

Don't forget that appellate procedures are very extensive and require a lot of research time. Appellate lawyers with enough experience can handle the whole process. Trial attorneys who have not had experience in appellate courts might have a hard time arguing the case. Therefore, when you are in doubt, it's always better to choose the expert.

As mentioned appellate procedures are usually very extensive and demanding. You should also expect to pay a handful amount for the whole process. Before hiring any criminal appeals barristers, you should know how much you are going to pay for the whole process and the method of payment.

Don't be tempted to choose the cheapest appellate attorney without a guarantee that he/she is the best at the job. Certainly, you need to work with someone who has your best interests at heart. Don't rush into choosing the most expensive lawyer either without complete assurance that he/she can provide the best services possible.

Things To Consider When Hiring Appeals Solicitors

If you were involved in a legal battle that did not go in your favor, it is probably in your best interest to hire one of the many appeals solicitors out there to handle your case. This is not a concept that is particularly simple, but the following advice should make the process less cumbersome for you.

The first thing you should know is that every solicitor out there does not have experience with appeals. You should not automatically assume that the person who handled your case initially should continue as your case moves to the appellate court. Even if you feel like your relationship was great and you believe in them, it is not a wise business decision. If they are someone who can be trusted, you should certainly ask them for a recommendation.

Even if your current solicitor has some experience with appeals, you should still hire someone else. Your original case was decided based on the information that was presented by this individual. If you bring in a new set of eyes, there may be some area of case law that was not considered before, and it can have a huge bearing on the direction of your case. Basically, it will be in your favor to have someone look at the entire case with a fresh set of eyes.

One thing that many people do not realize is that appeals solicitors are available to help when you are going through your first trial. If your case is particularly complicated, it helps to have them around to digest all of the information firsthand. In the event that things do not go your way and you are faced with filing an appeal, they can step in and handle every part of the process.

You should always discuss the background of the solicitor prior to hiring them. If they are not very experienced, you should certainly be wary. Appeals are usually presided over by a panel of judges, and someone who is not extremely familiar with this process may not know how to draft a written appeal that is effective. A seasoned solicitor will have written appeals so many times that impressing them would be like second nature.

Do not make the mistake of running away from a solicitor because they are charging hefty fees. This is a road that will be very long and it will require countless hours of research and hard work. You cannot expect to pay a low price and receive a favorable outcome; that is not very realistic. In most cases, the amount you pay for this solicitor will be far more than you paid for the one who handled your trial.

As you can tell, much information should be considered before going out and hiring someone to represent you during your appeal. Since you will have to make such a huge financial investment, it is important that you make the right choice. Be careful since your future hinges on this decision.