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How To Get A Patent

The first thing that you need to know about how to get a patent is whether or not your idea is even patentable. A lot of interesting ideas are too similar to something that is already on the market to qualify for a patent, so you might not be able to get one. In general, you can apply for a patent for a new:

- Process

- Article of Manufacture

- Machine

- Composition of Matter

- Ornamental design (for an article of manufacture)

- Asexually reproduced plant

As long as your invention is non-obvious, new, and actually useful.

You cannot apply to patent an abstract idea, a law of nature, anything which is offensive to public morality, or a work of art, literature, music or drama. The latter four are covered by copyright law, rather than patent.

If you are confident that you can patent your work, then before you look at how to get a patent you should make sure that the work really is new. Check existing patents as well as trade papers, technical papers and academic writings. Look for other products on the market, and make sure that yours is clearly an improvement upon them or makes noteable changes that affect the design in a way that makes it unique in function or performance. Trivial differences are not enough to get a patent.

Document your design clearly, with drawings and diagrams as well as text to explain how you came up with the idea, how it is better or different to existing ideas, and each iteration of the idea. The more clearly you describe it the more likely the patent is to be approved.

To give yourself time to prepare a full patent application, consider applying for a Provisional Patent. The Provisional Patent Application process is shorter and less expensive, and gives you a year during which you can claim you have a patent pending, and your full patent will be backdated to that time, assuming it is granted. Once you have completed the PPA, it is important that you do not let it lapse, because if it lapses then you will lose the protection and the ability to have your patent considered as if it were put in for on that date.

DIY or Use an Attorney?

Applying for a patent can be a time-consuming process. Many people find that it makes more sense for them to pay a little more to get an attorney to do it for them. This becomes particularly worthwhile when you consider that there are more than half a million patent applications waiting to be processed if you get it wrong you could have a long wait to find out that you made a mistake and need to re-apply, and the fees can be high. Paying a little more up-front simply makes commercial sense, and will be the best thing for protecting your business. Only attorneys that have been approved by the USPTO and are on their register can file for patents for a third party.

10 Conversion Optimization Steps For A Website

Even though conversion optimization is an effective way to increase revenue on investments, a majority of

business owners ignore it. Well, if you are looking to use conversion optimization tool, below are 10 steps on

how you could increase returns on your website.

1. Conversion Analysis

Conversion analysis is the first step to understanding the reasons your website requires conversion

. Conversion analysis begins with analyzing existing traffic and conversion report or data.

2. In-depth Analysis

At this step, you should study your collected data in a visual and technical point of view. For example, like

the possible reasons of bounce rate from a specific page or website.

3. The Click Character Analysis

This step involves studying the behavior of several users click process. For example, an expert will look at

pages users are viewing often, the content they are interested in, what they do not want and any other thing

that will benefit the website.

4. Exist Page Analysis

This is a step a professional study existing pages behavior and noting the all possibilities users not to spend

time on that page or website.

5. The Bounce Rate Analysis

After analyzing pages, a report is recorded or generated to keep account of possible bounce rate reasons or


6. Brain Storming Session

This is the step involves creativity. What does this mean? It simply means that you should come up with several

techniques that will work for you. This can be achieved through discussing over what you have recorded. After

that, create a final report regarding the website with possible reasons.

7. Market Analysis

This is a step where a business owner or marketer compares what they offer with that of their competitors. Make

sure that you study relevant reports or business vertical to know what the market standard is like. Areas to

look at should include products market price, what has been displayed under review websites and so on.

8. Landing Page Analysis

This is a step where experts create detail report for all website pages with all possible changes needed in it

to increase the conversion.

9. AB Testing

The next step is to test what you think will work better for your users. In other words, after discussion and

coming up with several techniques that would work for conversion, you should test them and record. This is what

is AB testing. Do not forget to document everything you get or the outcome.

10. Implementation

The final step is to implement what you have identified is working for your website. Programmers or developers

can do this.


The truth of the matter is that conversion optimization is complex and exhaustive procedure. However, it can

really improve your revenues and overall website conversion. To know more about this, you should consult a

professional marketer.

What Characteristics Are Important In Criminal Appeals Barristers?

Filing a criminal appeal is a complex process that can be fraught with uncertainty. Many people worry that they will have as little luck during their appeal as they did during their initial trial. Just as with any other legal process, having the right representation can mean the difference between success and failure.

Knowing what characteristics are most important in criminal appeals barristers is key if you want to hire the right person to assist you. This is a very significant decision to make, so it is not one that should be made without doing enough research. The more you know, the easier it will be to find the right person for the job.

One important thing to look for in an attorney is their experience. You do not want to be represented during your appeal by a novice who is working on their first case, or even someone who has only worked on a handful of appeals. You need the most experienced appeals lawyer you can find.

Look for someone who knows the ins and outs of this process and is deeply familiar with all the procedures of an appellate court. The last thing that you want is to be represented by someone who is still learning the ropes. Filing a successful appeal is enough of a challenge without making things harder on yourself.

In addition, you need an attorney who is very diligent and detail-oriented. A successful appeal often means going through the trial records and looking for those one or two items that will provide the path to victory. You need an attorney who is able to put in the time needed to properly consider all of the evidence.

You might think that it would be simpler to just be represented by the same lawyer during your trial and your appeal. After all, they would be most familiar with your case. However, for most people, it is actually best to hire a separate trial attorney and appeal barrister.

One reason for doing so is that it can be very helpful to have someone new look at your case after the trial has concluded. Precisely because your trial lawyer is so familiar with your case, it can be more difficult for him to successfully file an appeal. Someone who is not as personally involved will be better able to find new avenues to pursue that may be more successful.

However, it is a good idea to make sure that your appeals lawyer is involved during the trial as well. He can help advise your lawyer on the best way to proceed to ensure a successful appeal. His involvement will also mean that he will be well-prepared to begin your appeal, without having to spend a lot of time learning about your case.

Finding qualified criminal appeals barristers can be a lengthy process, so be sure to start as soon as possible. By doing so, you can feel confident that you will be as well-represented as possible.

What A Local Seo Company Can Do For You

Do you have a website for your business?
More than likely you have one....are you getting any results from it.
The vast majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs would say no. They have not seen an increase in customers, leads, or sales.

Why is that?
Is there something wrong with the website?
The real reason you have no one visiting your website is because it cannot be found. That is why you want to have a company improve your local SEO efforts.

This article is going to show you three ways local SEO can help your business.

Communicate Directly With Your Audience

A local SEO company will help to fine tune your pages to directly communicate with your audience. Not only does your business affect how people talk so does your region. For example, people in the north refer to a beverage as a soda, while the south may look for a pop. Using local words to the region can be a large help in ranking for local keywords.

An SEO company will help you to incorporate these into your content and allow for your audience to find you easier.

Add To Your Reputation

One of the things an SEO company can do for you is to add relevant links that directly point to your website. They have a better ability to communicate with local companies and businesses and arrange for these links.

In addition, they have the ability to get the name of your business and website out through the use of social media. Social media has a very powerful effect when it comes to local SEO results.

All of these links and social media shares help to improve your reputation online and offline. In addition, they will help to raise your website in the search engine rankings.

Create Engaging And Shareable Content

You have a business to run and a family to take care. Do you really have the time to create unique and engaging content for your website? A website without good content is a dead website.

SEO companies have the ability to create incredible content that is not only informative but entertaining to a local audience. This is the type of content that starts getting shared on Facebook and Twitter. This is free traffic that you do not have to pay for. If you are lucky some of that content may even go viral. This is the type of traffic that turns into revenue and frequent visitors.

As you can see, there is no need to have to let your website gather dust anymore. You can have a professional local search engine marketing company revive it and start to gain leads, customers, and sales in a very short time.

There is no need for you to have to do everything with your website. In fact, by hiring a company to take up a company's website it will free up valuable time to work on other projects or simply take a break while the website continues to work 24/7 in the background!

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The Top Online Marketing Techniques That Will Boost Your Website Traffic

Internet marketing has become a crucial part of marketing strategies that many company owners are continuously using in the 21st century. For the success of any business, there is a need for adoption of digital marketing techniques that are reputable. With the current globalisation trend of commerce, companies need to develop websites that are easy to access by the online shoppers as the number of these is currently on the rise.

Below are some social marketing techniques that you can adopt for your business growth.

1. Mobile marketing technique

Current technological growth has seen the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. This has seen a trend of many people accessing the internet via phones. As a business owner, this would be a super search engine marketing technique. Ensure that your site is mobile optimised, and you will achieve a higher rank in Google and hence the overall growth of your business.

2. Social media marketing

There has been an increase in social media usage over time. Social media platforms are many, and each has its techniques. Social media marketing technique via platforms like Facebook is rewarding. You can engage the target audience via the right social tools and measure your returns from the social activities of your customers.

3. Use of Email

Email marketing continues to top in the social marketing technique lists. A recent study has shown that 72% of consumers prefer email marketing over other marketing techniques. It is important that as online marketer you create mobile friendly sites that your customers can receive emails from their devices at any time.

4. Video marketing

Video marketing is another online marketing technique that is important. Videos can be entertaining, informative or promotional. They are a more personal way of engaging with the target audience and hence it is a good marketing technique.

5. Content marketing

Content is the pillar of social marketing technique. The content needs to be of high quality and at all cost be available for mobile viewing. Content marketing technique is a perfect way of ensuring that Google ranks you high. Regular updating of the content is however encouraged. Always focus on quality and not quantity.

If you have a business, there is a need for you to consider the above five online marketing techniques. Have a distinct plan and combine them with other marketing strategies for the best result. Depending on your business some will prove effective.

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