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The Benefits Of Using Webinars In Your Business

A webinar is a term taken from the words web (referring to the World Wide Web) and seminar. It is set up to inform and to reach out to people easily via video conferencing software that they can access through the internet.

A lot of big companies today use webinar or video conferencing mainly because it is more cost effective for their employees to meet online versus paying for accommodations and plane tickets.

But other than cost effectiveness what are the other benefits of using webinars:

One of the key benefits of a webinar is the ability to play back the webinar and get into a more in-depth review of the things that you have discussed. Most webinar service providers allow for webinars to be recorded and sometimes be downloaded onto a viewer's computer for future use and review. This allows the viewer to remember the points presented during the webinar or to ask questions about the webinar that they did not think of asking during the live broadcast. Sometimes, viewing the webinar again may trigger an idea or a question from the audience so the playback feature would be really beneficial for all.

If your business operates all over the world, varying time zones may hinder some employees or other attendees from attending a webinar. The recording feature of a webinar fixes this problem by allowing those from the other side of the globe to view the webinar at their convenience.

As with most webinar service providers, the webinar can be recorded and a link can be given to attendees so that they can view it anytime they want. From employees' perspective this means that they will not need to get to the office early in the morning or stay late in the evening just to catch up on the webinar. Some offices even allow them to access webinars even while they are at home.

Webinars promote awareness and sharing of information. Because webinars can be easily viewed and sometimes downloaded, ideas can be shared easily with just a click of a button. They also let people know about a particular idea or concept just by watching the webinar. It also makes people aware of a particular product being launched or an improvement on an existing product. Much like regular videos, a webinar can become viral and get passed on to peers and friends to reach a bigger audience.

Most webinars are used to teach and inform people about a particular idea or product that the company is promoting. Unlike TV commercials and advertisements, a webinar is a more cost effective tool that doesn't need a lot of production budget to create. Sometimes just one or two persons talking over a camera can be considered a webinar.

Webinars can also be interactive. An interactive webinar allows the audience to send questions and ideas to make the discussion more interesting and lively. Because it is considered a seminar you are not limited to passively listening to the speaker but also ask questions when you need to. The audience can also contribute to the ideas presented much like a regular conference.

Webinars bring people closer. As earlier mentioned, webinars allow people from different parts of the globe to confer and have a meeting without the need to do it face to face. Most webinar service providers allows the users to unlimited use of their service so you can use it every day as long as you are paying for the service. It lets people from different time zones come together at the same time without the need to travel and disrupt regular day to day activities. Webinars let work colleagues see each other and talk to one another as if they are just in the next office instead of thousands of miles away. This fosters camaraderie and bonding between employees despite the distance and time difference.

Webinarjamstudio is a webinar service provider that lets you do all these things and more. They increase your productivity and cut down on your travel and accommodation costs by bringing your employees, customers, or potential customers together online. Contact their office today for a quotation.

For more about webinar jam studio and some practical applications watch this video

How Training Workers Can Improve Safety

Safety training is one of the most crucial aspects of overall building site safety because without it, workers would not know how to face a high risk worksite such as a construction.

Workers need to learn how to address the hazards they will face on a building site so that they don’t present a risk to themselves or others.

A number of the building industry’s workforce is employed as sub-contractors, undertaking work on multiple sites, managed by numerous contractors. Each site is different but there are some commonalities, many of which are covered by white card training.

Whether working in engineering construction, residential construction or commercial construction there are certain hazards that are present on all sites, these are discussed in the white card course.

Work health and safety laws dictate that anyone, carrying out construction work, first complete general construction induction training, whether they are employed temporarily, permanently or as a casual worker.

In Australia, mandatory construction induction training takes the form of the White Card and must be completed before even beginning work.

Construction workers learn the basic safety control measures necessary to work safely on a construction site which is crucial to avoiding injuries and illnesses. The knowledge gained helps workers avoid getting in trouble with authorities and watchdogs, as well as helps workers avoid physical harm.

Although the idea of completing a training course can seem daunting, whether you’re straight out of school and sick of boring classes or are a mature person to whom the idea of learning is less than appealing after all these years, the online white card course makes the process so simple, quick and even enjoyable.

We make sure you’re getting a nationally accredited White Card, delivered via a leading RTO so it’s of the highest standard. You get the best education at an affordable cost without any minimum registration requirements. Also, you can access this course no matter where you live, even if it’s in a remote regional area.

Take advantage of the ultra-convenient online white card course by registering and paying by credit card, then reviewing the course information and completing the online and telephone based assessments. The actual white card is sent to you in the mail, usually in less than a week after sending us your documents.

Learn at your own pace, without the pressure of having to compete with others in a classroom environment or the added expense of travel costs and time off work.

And if you need help, one of our trained and friendly call centre agents are available to chat online or via the telephone during business hours.

Design Facts About Keyrings

Keyrings are possibly the most common brand collateral used by companies for years. Its continued popularity can be attributed to its practicality since many people find it useful. However, being common can be disadvantageous. The chances of a customer using a particular company key ring often are known.

As another prime example of brand collateral, keyrings serve as a simple yet effective way to promote a business, a school, an organization, and even a product. A skillfully constructed keyring would be durable to last a lifetime, which makes it an ideal marketing tool. To get the best possible return from this type of product, keep in mind the following design tips.

When designing a keyring, learn by heart the wise saying of less is more. Use a simple yet bold design. In this manner, the outcome is a distinct and clear representation of the intended design.

It is also best to use contrasting colors for the design. For example, a combination of dark enamel colors and bright silver plating would make the pattern stand out beautifully. If light colors are used for the most part of the design, use black plating for the raised areas for a great contrast. As an added tip when choosing colors for a keyring design, it is best to limit it to four or five choices.
Other than a stamped keyring, the option of a die cast is also available. This type of keyring can incorporate designs with cut through wordings or images. It is also ideal for three dimensional logos.

PVC keyring designs are also popular as the designs can be of any shape or size. At the same time, the design logo and image are accurately reproduced.
Reputable suppliers of keyrings have in-house artists who can help clients conceptualize their designs and transform these ideas into artwork ready for production.

In terms of finishes, it is advisable to choose an antique-style finish. Though other options are available like black, gold, or nickel metal plating. The attachment for the keyring should be appropriate with the design made.

The typical options for attachments are the split ring and its variations. Although a customized wire attachment can also be provided. Consult with a respectable supplier to determine which attachment is suitable for the design.

If necessary, each key ring can be individually numbered. This is typically done if a client wants to be able to keep track of the number of keys distributed.

How To Get A Provisional Pending Patent

If you have been wondering how to get a US pending patent, but have held off filling out your application because you think the process must be too difficult, then you are in luck. The start of the process is actually quite simple. To begin, you must go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office and get a provisional patent application. This form must be completely filled out and submitted to the office.

This provisional patent application differs from the regular one in a major way. It is much simpler to fill this application out than it is to fill out the regular patent application. In addition, the cost of filing for pending status is much less than the cost of filing for a patent. The fees currently start at $110, but rise to $220 when the size of the company is exceeds a certain amount. This discount helps individuals and small businesses protect their intellectual property.

The application for a provisional patent must include a variety of information in order to be considered complete. The applicant must write a description that is highly detailed about the invention. This detail must include how the invention is made and how the completed product can be used. In addition to the written portion of the application, a picture of the invention must be included as well. This can be a photo of the completed invention or a simple drawing of the idea.

In order to be able to lay claim to the date that the request for a provisional patent was applied for, a regular patent application must be filed within a year of filing this first application. This step is not necessary to get US pending patent status. However, if it is not completed, then the application will be considered to be abandoned and the status will be lost. Having patent pending status on an invention means that the application has been filed but no action has been taken on it by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

This status remains in effect starting on the date that an application for patent is filed. The status officially ends in one of two ways. Either the patent is granted by the USPTO, or the application is abandoned, as described above.

There are no rights that are legally enforceable after filing this provisional application. Legal patent rights only come when the Office grants the patent to the applicant. However, it makes sense to file the application in a timely way. It obviously increases your chance of being granted the patent, and it is a tool that many business owners use to attract potential investors in their company.

In general, most patent applications remain in pending status from one to three years, although there are cases in the electronics and software industries where the patent pending status has lasted up to five years. The important take-away is that it is not difficult to get the process started and eventually earn a patent for your inventions.