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The Top Online Marketing Techniques That Will Boost Your Website Traffic

Internet marketing has become a crucial part of marketing strategies that many company owners are continuously using in the 21st century. For the success of any business, there is a need for adoption of digital marketing techniques that are reputable. With the current globalisation trend of commerce, companies need to develop websites that are easy to access by the online shoppers as the number of these is currently on the rise.

Below are some social marketing techniques that you can adopt for your business growth.

1. Mobile marketing technique

Current technological growth has seen the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. This has seen a trend of many people accessing the internet via phones. As a business owner, this would be a super search engine marketing technique. Ensure that your site is mobile optimised, and you will achieve a higher rank in Google and hence the overall growth of your business.

2. Social media marketing

There has been an increase in social media usage over time. Social media platforms are many, and each has its techniques. Social media marketing technique via platforms like Facebook is rewarding. You can engage the target audience via the right social tools and measure your returns from the social activities of your customers.

3. Use of Email

Email marketing continues to top in the social marketing technique lists. A recent study has shown that 72% of consumers prefer email marketing over other marketing techniques. It is important that as online marketer you create mobile friendly sites that your customers can receive emails from their devices at any time.

4. Video marketing

Video marketing is another online marketing technique that is important. Videos can be entertaining, informative or promotional. They are a more personal way of engaging with the target audience and hence it is a good marketing technique.

5. Content marketing

Content is the pillar of social marketing technique. The content needs to be of high quality and at all cost be available for mobile viewing. Content marketing technique is a perfect way of ensuring that Google ranks you high. Regular updating of the content is however encouraged. Always focus on quality and not quantity.

If you have a business, there is a need for you to consider the above five online marketing techniques. Have a distinct plan and combine them with other marketing strategies for the best result. Depending on your business some will prove effective.

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