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The Journey Of Seo

Search Engine Optimization abbreviated as SEO is the technique to get high ranking on a search engine. Every time you type a keyword in a search engine, you get a list of results with certain websites at the top of the list. So the aim of Search Engine Optimization is as high as possible in the search engine results.

The process of Search Engine Optimisation was first started by Webmasters in 1994. In the beginning, the professionals were required to submit URL to different search engines. This web page address was then crawled by the spiders to take the web links to other web pages. The procedure consists of keeping the website by search engine spiders on the servers. Then, the Indexer seized various details about the website such as the number and the location of the words and positioned them into the schedule to move them to the current date.

The page rank was introduced by the Google in 1998 which shows link quantity and quality a web page has. With the spread of Internet in the new millennium, the demand for SEO also began to rise. Many businesses began to notice the impact of SEO on website ranking. So the Google introduced 'Ad words' which was a pay per impression advertising models for websites so that they could appear on the top of the search engine results. This model led to the rise of Google as the most dominant advertisement platform on the Internet.

By 2003, SEO became a business in itself. The experts started selling techniques to improve the ranking of their website. "No Follow" attribute for the website links was launched by Google in 2005 to avoid spam, mainly through comments. People immediately noticed that the best way to get inbound links pointing towards a web page was exactly to place the links in the comments.

Google Analytics enabled the webmasters to gain access to the entire data, offering better understanding and deep knowledge on how people arrive at your website or web page, how much content they read and how much time they spend.
Social bookmarking became the most dominant factor in 2010. It was found that more the links are shared, more people visit and recommend it. From the year 2010 to 2015, more changes were made in the SEO process. Panda Update stops the website with low-quality content to get high ranking and Penguin update reduced the significance of quantity of web links.

An effective SEO campaign needs a content writer, social media planner and advertiser, digital planner, page rank specialist and conversion rate enhancer. Like any other marketing strategy, SEO is constantly evolving and professionals understand its working methods. For those who don't have the basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization Operations, it works like an encyclopedia. When an inquiry is made, it searches the index and results are presented on the basis of the most popular websites.
There is so much to know about SEO that it is better to hire a professional company that remains up to date with the latest procedures. This way you can concentrate on more important things rather than devoting precious time to Internet search.


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