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How Criminal Appeal Barristers Work

It is always wise to start the appeals process as soon as your criminal conviction is handed down. Criminal appeals barristers are perfectly place to help you through this entire process. But in order to benefit from it, you need to know what an appeal is and what it isn't.
What is an appeal?

As appeal is a chance for your criminal appeals barristers to try and get you a different sentencing. It is NOT a new trial. Most people may think that an appeal is their chance to go through the entire court case afresh. This is not true. An appeal is a chance for you to get your sentence reduced. Sometimes, the difference can be significant should you hire the right criminal appeals barristers.

It is also an opportunity to get the conviction reversed. Once you have been found guilty, an appeals lawyer can be of great help in trying to get that conviction overturned. An experienced appeals lawyer has the necessary expertise and insight to review all the facts of your court case and to find ways through which your conviction can be challenged. Although an appeal isn't in itself a new trial, in some cases the process can lead to a chance for the case to be retried depending on the findings.

Why you need criminal appeals barristers

The entire process of appealing a court sentencing is really quite formal. An appeals lawyer has to go through the proper channels and procedures in order to file the appeal. This appeal has to filed in such a manner as to convince the court to grant the appeal as opposed to dismiss it and let the previous sentencing stand. Finding the right appeals lawyer is key to having all this go in your favour.
If you want a chance for your sentencing to be reduced significantly, or maybe even overturned completely, you need to get the best possible appeals lawyer. A lawyer that understands the process and one that has a keen eye for detail. You also need one that is persuasive enough not only to get the courts to listen to your appeal, but also to convince the judges that the original sentencing needs revision.

It would be ill advised to try and go through the appeals process without the services of a highly specialized and experienced appeals barrister. Give us a call today and let us help get that court sentencing overturned or at the very least, reduced.


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