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15 Great Social Ideas For Team Building

Team Building is one of the most effective ways of socialization. It is never a lifeless activity. It is a way wherein you can have more time to know your team members. Think of activities that will make the team more involved. Prepare activities that entail group work. This makes sure that each member of the team shall provide their output. This results in more meaningful and fun team building. With this, the following activities are some suggestions for team building:

1. Group Juggle

Group Juggle is a good game that helps each team member learn the names of other teammates. Create a circle, toss the ball to someone on the team, then using his name, toss it to someone else by using the next person's name. As the game goes on, more balls will be added to the game. This creates more pressure, but more fun, too!

2. The Human Knot

This is another fun team building activities for the workplace. This game promotes teamwork. Team members hands should intertwine to form a knot. The aim of this game is to untangle the knot without separating hands.

3. The Birthday Line-up

The team members should form a line and stand on each side. The arrangement should be according to their birthdays, arranged by month and day only. They should arrange themselves quietly. The team who happen to know each member's birthday will win. This is one of the most fun team building activities for the workplace.

4. Flexibility Test

This will test the teams flexibility. It is popularly called the awareness of reflexive tendencies test. A stress test will be given to the team. Its up to them on how they will resolve the test as if the stress test is not stressful at all.

5. Make Bikes for Those in Need

This is another one of those fun team building activities that entails a meaningful experience. You will teach a kid how to build or repair a bike. This signifies that all things in life can be fixed. Problems can be solved and trials can be a reward to prepare yourself for success. Learn more in this video:

6. Egg Drop

This will test the team members patience and presence of mind. Though its a messy game, as the team will drop an egg and will catch those using clothes and bottles, the Egg Drop is still a great game to promote good values.

7. Have a Fun Board Meeting

Make a board meeting that will make you reminisce your middle or high school life. You will need colored pens, colored papers, some toys, and backpacks. This game will develop your creativity and at the same time youll have fun.

8. Lego Man

Everyone loves to play with Legos so this game is surely one of the most fun team building activities for work! So, in this game, there should be two teams. Each team should try to create a model or sculpture. Each member should try their best to create the agreed model. The model that looks the realest will be the winner.

9. Fly in the Glass

Both teams should try to create the glass again, minus the fly inside by move two sticks at the same time. It needs control and focus to win the game. Very tricky game but definitely gives a lot of rewards when you move the sticks successfully.

10. Photo Finish

All team members should cross a line together at the same time. If one of the members did not go with them, they need to go back and start again. This is a test of patience and teamwork. The better team performance will be the winner.

11. Build Prosthetic Hands

Build prosthetic hands then give them to those people who have lost their arms. This is a good way to practice coordination and also a way of giving back to society.

12. Win, Lose, Draw

This is purely guessing each team member list. So the most number of correct answers will be the winner.

13. The Mine Field

Mines such as balls, cones, or bottles would be scattered then a pair will stand alone. One of them will be blindfolded and his partner will guide him. This is another test of teamwork.

14. Poker Tower

The goal of this game is to create the highest tower possible by using poker cards to win the game.

15. Build Playhouses

This game would entail creativity. Just build beautiful playhouses for children. They will definitely enjoy playing inside those playhouses.

Have a fun time with these fun and worthwhile team building activities. For more ideas, dont forget to visit!


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